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Info We Need About Your Job

  • What is the Project name or job number?
  • What is the Project address?
  • Who is Superintendent In Charge of Project & what is their contact info?
  • Is Location it residential or commercial location?
  • Do we need to move any furniture or is the jobsite packed out?
  • Do we need to hang plastic or will you already have containment up?
  • How many approx. square feet needs to be removed?
  • What areas need to be removed?
  • Is the location on a slab or crawl space?
  • Will someone be there to let us in or is there a lockbox at the project location?
  • How late can we work at the project location?
  • Is there an elevator if we need to work upstairs?
  • How do we access the demo area...if there steps or is the job in the basement?
  • What are we removing and is it glue down or nailed down or on cement board?
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